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17. December 2017

The year is coming to an end and everybody is stressed about about Christmas, vacation and deadlines at work. I’m finishing off some projects and am quite satisfied with my professional year. How about you guys? Did the year turn out to be the way you expected?

Everything is great at home. My boyfriend and I visited some concerts over the past few weeks, cooked with friends and enjoyed some quality time.

Our relationship is doing very well – ever since I started the idea for this blog and now several months have passed. In my first naive phase I though that I’d be able to experience my relationship change and constantly write about it; well – now I know better. It was quite difficult to change my attitude and value aspects of our relationship differently. I feel safe and even though the ‘open relationship‘ thing is happening I never felt as certain about my boyfriend as I am right now. Maybe thats the reason why I feel positive about getting this blog finally up and running.

Expect some deep thoughts, juicy stories, and recommendations.

– Alex