Modern Cock Hunt

Stories of a gay tween

First weekend apart

20. March 2017

The past week has been more than great. We finally resolved our issues and focused our energy again on our professional lives as well as on being a good couple. Had a fun night out, wine and art, intense sex — everything you’d want to have.

Now I’m on a short trip overseas visiting my best friend. While I’m staying over at my friends house, my boyfriend is back at home on his own. Even though we talk and write each other I can not say that I’m not thinking about him maybe hooking up with someone while I’m gone. Since we are now in an open relationship one would assume that it should be ok. However — it is a new feeling that I need to get accustomed to. For the past few years we have been the only ones who fucked with each other. Now it is going to be different.

While the though of my boyfriend sleeping with someone else crosses my mind I can not honestly say that I’m angry or sad. It’s good, I suppose, yet something I still need to get accustomed to.

One will never know if something is going to happen over the course of this weekend. Don’t make the mistake and ask whether something did happen. Trust is very important in this sort of situation.