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Stories of a gay tween

Missing clothes and Latin boys.

26. January 2018

This is the story of my first visit to a gay sauna and my experience in it.

Every week I travel to different cities. This trip began with a rather disappointing situation. My suitcase got stolen or lost – so I was on a business trip with no suit and lost my favourite ties.

First thing in the morning I decided to go out and find myself a nice new suit from some boutique in town. Being determined and with just a spare t-shirt in my bag, I found a suit which would fit me and had a few hours to kill before the meeting. It was a cold day and I needed to calm down. Whilst drinking tea in a small restaurant I found myself chatting with two guys from Latin America who were also just visiting. We decided all to meet up and to go to a gay sauna. Neither of them had their own hotel room and I had to check-out already. For some reason it felt a bit unreal – we met at a big square and took a stroll to the sauna. Both guys had nice brown skin and very hot faces. We were giggling and I saw that one of them had a boner in his pants. He was quite shy. It was his first time at a gay sauna. We undressed, put our towels on and went downstairs.

It was the early afternoon and the sauna wasn’t packed. Somewhere in the back you could hear guys moaning and in some strange dark corners daddies were standing and waiting for someone to walk by. The shy guy felt a bit uncomfortable so we’ve decided to begin the experience not with the dark room, but with a regular sauna booth. Finally, I was in the mood to relax; hot guys, no suit to worry about, and the nice smell of eucalyptus.

We decided to explore a bit and started to play with each other. I’ve noticed another young guy sitting in the corner who was watching how I was sucking both guys. Our eyes met and I knew that he wanted it, too. But my shy guy wasn’t shy anymore and pushed his nice cut dick deep into my mouth. I was kinda busy and the blonde guy from the corner disappeared.

After the other one came all over my body I decided to take a quick shower. In the meantime, my companions disappeared in the dark and I was walking around without my glasses and was trying to find them. I heard someone taking deep breaths around the corner and continued walking towards him. It wasn’t shy guy and he was surrounded by some hot guys who were all looking how he was stroking his dick. He saw me and pushed me down so I could continue sucking him. The others were getting closer and at some point I felt pre-cum on my back. I turned around and this 40-year-old guy with a really long dick was staring at me. His pounding dick was juicy and yummy. I’ve enjoyed him for quite some time and got pulled back to the other side. I thought the shy guy wanted my attention back. So I turned around and it was the guy from the corner who finally was next to me. Oh boy, he was hard as a solid rock and waking very fast. He came all over my face and licked it off my cheek.

Having all these hot guys surrounding me in a steamy room overwhelmed me and I went to a sauna booth just to relax a bit. What a spontaneous sauna experience. After a while, I took a shower, changed into my clothes and went to the meeting. What a day.